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Welcome to Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures 

Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures are proud to offer some of the best free-range hunting for genuinely wild fallow and red deer to be found anywhere in the world.

Our 20,000 acres of private South Wairarapa coastal hill country on the East coast of the North Island of New Zealand offers an unmatched variety of terrain and hunting conditions. Mature native Podocarp forest, scrub-lands (reverted from pasture) plus open grass pastures, make for a perfect environment for both the deer and the hunter.  

During the Roar (rutting season), the master-stags tend to herd the hinds (does) into the native forest. This provides thrilling close encounter hunting (if a little energetic!) as we are often able to call the stags into close proximity.  

After the Roar, the stags tend to drift out of the forest and feed on the grass adjacent, recovering after the rigours of the mating season. This type of hunting is more about the use of binoculars and the challenge of longer range shooting, but often produces the biggest stags.  We are targeting 10-14 point animals that may be up to 40″.  

We do NOT charge trophy fees for each animal shot, so there is always a chance to take a second bigger stag during your stay.

Celebrating our own family hunting heritage, father-son / daughter meat hunts are a special focus at Te Awaiti. With deer, pigs, goats and miles of coastline we will arrange a hunting adventure to remember.

On this map - you will find Te Awaiti Hunting Adventures on the coast to the South-East of Martinborough, and North of the small town marked Tora on larger magnifications.